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Inspect the scratch, clean your car, and use a touch-up kit to fix scratched car paint.To ensure our paint is easy to work with we have an additive in our paint that slows the curing process.When you take pride in the appearance of your car, any car scratch damage can be very frustrating.But most touch-ups can only be seen up close within 6 inches or less.

Touch Up Auto Body Our skilled technicians restore the original factory look and colour of your ride at an affordable price.To touch up car paint, start by washing the spot on your car that you need to touch up, using a wax and grease remover to remove any residue, and sanding the area with 220-grit sandpaper.Whether your vehicle has scratches on the bumper, mirror, wheel, or anywhere else on the exterior, our scratch repair paint has you covered.Provide this number to an auto parts store or an online site selling small bottles of touch-up paint.

Larger areas may have to be painted with a sprayer to blend in with the original paint.

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Consumers love their cars, and taking take care of a vehicle can become a much-loved hobby.Our automotive paint touch-up kits include all you need to repair small or deep scratches in your car paint.With gentle pressure, wipe over the red putty to remove excess.You should not use a machine to buff, polish or wax the areas that have touch up for at least one month after the touch up is applied.

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Effective paint chip repair keeps your car looking like new and protects it from rust and other long-term damage.

Buy New Auto Car Paint Scratch Repair Touch Up Pen Scratching Remover Tool Black For Peugeot: Touchup Paint - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.This video shows a combination of techniques to remove parts of the scratch with wet sanding and applying touch up paint to the parts that were too deep to effectively wet sand and polish out.Unlike most other companies, we travel to you so that your busy schedule is not interrupted, with no drop off, pick up or long wait for the return of your car.Car Auto Coat Scratch Clear Repair Paint Pen Touch Up Remover Applicator Tool. New Auto Car Paint Scratch Repair Touch Up Pen

Although minor scratches to your car bodywork may be unsightly, they are unlikely to warrant a trip to the garage as it will be easier to repair them yourself with the use of car touch up paint.New Car Scratch Mend Painting Repair Remover Touch-Up Paint Fix Pen for Toyota.

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Repair paint chips, nicks, scratches, rust spots and bumper scuffs quickly and easily.

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So to keep your Mercedes looking like brand new, use Chipex touch up paint.

We offer paint touch up on Cars, Recreational Vehicles, boats, and Motorcycles.You pride yourself on doing everything you can to keep your car looking sharp.The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover BUNDLED with the Ultimate Custom Touch Up Paint Kit is the ultimate solution and there is NOTHING else you need to buy to get professional looking results.Get a paint touch-up pen (available at large car accessory stores and online) that matches the colour of your car or get a spray paint touch-up can.To ensure you get the correct touch up paint colour for your Mercedes we.

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Removing paint scratches from your car is easier than you think.

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Car care is a billion dollar industry and is full of products that can help keep your vehicle looking clean, shiny, and running at its best.

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For scratches, we would recommend a bottle of Touch up paint to match your car.

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